Network Operations Manager - Kuching

Company: Maxis
Job Title: Network Operations Manager
Location: Kuching
Contract: Full time

• Bachelors Degree
• Specialized in: Electrical/ Electronics/ Communications/Management
• Total Work Experience: 7 to 10 years
• Total Relevant Experience: 4 to 6 years in Telecommunications
• Telecommunications and facilities maintenance knowledge
• Leadership and collaborations skills
• Preferred Sarawakian

• Ensuring customer satisfaction by maintaining key network KPI’s which directly impacts the network’s reliability and customer experience. This includes collaborations with OLOs & SACOFA in Sarawak on network improvement task and activities.
• Ensuring network growth in Sarawak by supporting sites roll out projects in order to gain coverage and dominance by expanding network footprints.
• Ensuring team development in technology growth by supporting its projects from core to RAN in order to meet the evolving network technology.
• Ensuring quality of network is improved to provide greater customer satisfactions that would allow greater sales and revenue generation via expanding its customer base and its network reliability.
• Ensuring constant and reliable communications with Business Units to understand its needs which unique to regions and translate them towards the network’s outputs.

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