Cheerleading (Pemandu Sorak)

Musicians, singers and composers write, arrange, conduct and perform musical compositions.


  • creating melodic, harmonic and rhythmic structures to express ideas and emotions in musical form
  • translating ideas and concepts into standard musical signs and symbols for reproduction and performance
  • adapting or arranging music for particular instrumental or vocal groups, instruments or occasions
  • conducting instrumental or vocal groups
  • selecting music for performances and assigning instrumental parts to musicians
  • playing one or more musical instruments as a soloist or as a member of an orchestra or a musical group
  • singing as a soloist or as a member of a vocal group or other band
  • practising and rehearsing to maintain a high standard of performance

Job Benifits:

  • KWSP
  • Medical claim included
  • Annual and medical leave shall be in accordance with the prevailing Labour Law

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